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I especially appreciate the communication with clients, cleaning, arranging any repairs and revisions, and working with the rental price. And what do I like most about our service? It's simple, and I probably won't surprise you if I write that the biggest benefit of your service is that I don't have to worry about anything.
Barbora K.
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Still got questions?

How do you handle the payment process and when can I expect to receive payments?

We take a meticulous approach to the payment process. We review all transactions to ensure accuracy in every facet. We base our payments on actual amounts received to maintain transparency. Invoices are issued monthly, accompanied by detailed information covering everything from large expenses to small purchases, down to the last screw. This comprehensive approach means you're always in the know and can expect prompt, regular payments from us.

How do you maximize the revenue potential of my property as a serviced apartment?

We focus on long-term strategies to maximise your property's earning potential. Initially, we may start slow, prioritising building a strong profile with positive reviews. Through continuous optimisation, we adapt to market demands and trends to ensure your serviced apartment remains competitive. We also diversify to attract a broader guest demographic and implement strategies to mitigate the impact of market fluctuations, aiming for steady growth and sustainable revenue over time.