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Own a superior property? Rent it out to guests and enjoy superior returns.

Entrust us with the management of your property and we will rent it out to respectable guests who seek hotel services in home like environment. With our proactive and expert care, your property's value will be protected and your returns maximized.
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1Limitations of long-term renting

Renting out high-end properties comes with its challenges. It's tough to find good tenants and get the right rent, and there's always the risk of late payments or damage. By partnering with us, you'll have the opportunity to host respectable guests and significantly increase the long-term value of your property investment.

2Proactive property care

Entrust your property to us for complete care. We'll prepare and maintain it for guests, ensuring it stays in top condition to meet our high hosting standards. Our proactive approach and regular inspections ensure your property remains just as you left it with us.

3Maximizing your revenue

We boost your income by renting to guests looking for hotel-quality service in a home's comfort. We also cater to corporate executives with multi-month rentals and offer your property for commercial uses like filming, diversifying your rental opportunities for maximum revenue.

Why partner with us?

We manage every aspect of your property and rental strategy
Proactive property management

We carry out regular inspections and intervene immediately in the event of any issues, keeping your property in top condition.

Strategic revenue management

We offer world-class hospitality at premium rates. Our dynamic pricing algorithm adjusts rates in real-time based on market trends, maximising your property's revenue.

Hotel-quality services

Our dedication to world-class hospitality and personalized care enables us to attract affluent guests and corporations seeking extended accommodations for their employees.

Continuous optimization

By leveraging market data and insights from accommodation platforms, we continually refine your offerings to ensure they consistently outshine the competition.

Total transparency

Each month you will receive a detailed statement showing your occupancy, income and expenses. You can also track your financial results in real time via our online client portal.


You have the freedom to use your property for personal use at any time without additional charges, and the flexibility to terminate our services with a notice period of your choice.

Our strategy

Interior design
We collaborate with professional designers to create a tailored interior design that meets the needs of your guests, ensuring your property is meticulously prepared for extended stays.
Profile optimization
We use gathered data to refine your property's offering, ensuring long-term competitiveness and continued success.
Property profile
We professionally photograph your property and create profiles on 8 platforms for short-term and corporate accommodations, ensuring optimal exposure.
Maximizing income
We increase your property's income by diversifying rental options, including short, medium and long term lettings, and utilising our advanced price management algorithm.
Building a strong profile
During the initial months, our priority is to establish an appealing property profile for long-term success, prioritizing sustained growth over short-term gains.
Hotel quality services
We are dedicated to delivering an uncompromising guest experience. We meticulously care for your property and offer hotel services to your guests.
Návrh interiéru
Na základě potřeb hostů a s profesionálními designéry zařídíme interiér vaší nemovitosti
a připravíme ji pro prodloužené pobyty.
Profil nemovitosti
Profesionálně nemovitost nafotíme
a vytvoříme profily na 8 platformách pro krátkodobé a korporátní ubytování.
Budování profilu
V prvních měsících se důkladně věnujeme budování atraktivního profilu nemovitosti pro dlouhodobý úspěch, nikoliv krátkodobé zbohatnutí.
Hotelové služby
V prvních měsících se důkladně věnujeme budování atraktivního profilu nemovitosti pro dlouhodobý úspěch, nikoliv krátkodobé zbohatnutí.
Maximalizace výnosů
Naše zaměření na kombinaci krátkodobých, střednědobýc a komečních pronájmů společně
s vlastním algoritmem pro správu cen maximalizují výnosový potenciál vaší nemovitosti.
Optimalizace nabídky
Na základě získaných dat optimalizujeme vaši nabídku a zajišťujeme její dlouhodobou konkurenceschopnost.

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Passion for service and a wonderful team of people who are focused on delivering the best of the experiences in Prague. I cannot but highly recommend Prague Days for your next stays in this beautiful city!
Home Like - Marcela Aguirre - Market manager - EU
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Ready to unlock the potential of your property? Here's what you need to know.

Do Blahobyty take care of everything?

Yes, we have dedicated in-house teams with experts who handle every aspect crucial to your business's success. Our commitment to professionalism ensures you and your guests always have someone reliable to rely on.

How does Blahobyty take care of long-term profit?

The key factors that have a direct impact on your long-term income are price management, overall review score and decision-making based on a long-term investment horizon. At Blahobyty, we understand the trade-offs between short-term enrichment and long-term profitability. Our solutions and data-driven approach enable us to make decisions that prioritise your sustainable income over time.

What are the legal obligations related to accommodation?

Operating accommodation services involves complying with various legal obligations, including obtaining a trade license, registration, and proper marking of the establishment, maintaining a guest register, and fulfilling tax and fee obligations. At Blahobyte, we handle these legal aspects for you, ensuring compliance while also assisting with tax preparation.
Additionally, we lead the Czech Association of Private Landlords and Accommodation Providers to advocate for fair and transparent regulations in the private accommodation sector.