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Want to turn your property into a successful apartment house?

Combining hospitality, real estate and property management expertise, we unlock the full potential of your property. Our proprietary technology delivers strong long-term returns through adaptive occupancy optimisation for short, medium and long stays, while consistently delivering outstanding guest experiences.
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Quickly turn your building into a successful serviced apartment house with our all-in-one property management services.

We ensure that your property is set up for success under our management - from converting it into a serviced apartment house to providing outstanding hospitality to each and every guest.
Investment opportunities

We help you find property investment opportunities in Prague. Using real estate and short term rent market data, we identify promising projects to minimise investment risk.

Expert consulting

We provide you with insights from the serviced apartments industry, guiding you to the ideal setup—from layout, to facilities, to amenities—all optimised for long-term success.

Property redevelopment

We assist in the redevelopment of existing properties into serviced apartments. From consultancy to management, with our guidance you can get your property online in a matter of weeks, not years.

Interior design

Working closely with interior designers, we will help you furnish and equip your property to meet our standards and ensure guest satisfaction for the long-term success of your property.


By incorporating our branding into your property, it will join the 'Houses by Prague Days' family, ensuring a consistent guest experience - from online presence to house navigation to apartment consumables.

Dynamic pricing

Our algorithm adjusts rates based on real-time market trends, while our connectivity to TMCs and OTAs ensures live availability everywhere. Our pricing strategy ensures optimal revenue by balancing occupancy and daily rates.

Short, mid and long-term stays

We optimise occupancy with a seamless combination of short, medium and long term stays. Expand your revenue streams through our direct B2B partnerships.

Multiplatform listings

We extend your property's presence across multiple B2C and B2B platforms for maximum exposure. With professional photography and compelling copywriting, we ensure your listing always stands out.

Guest communication

We use our own PMS to manage reservations from start to finish. Our personal touch, digital guest journey and round-the-clock support ensure that every guest feels truly cared for during their stay.

Property insurance

We provide property insurance for accommodation providers through our trusted partner. Should the unexpected happen, we handle everything on your behalf - claims, reimbursements and dispute resolution.

Sustainable management

We are committed to environmentally friendly practices in our operations, a preference increasingly sought by guests. Our initiatives include minimising packaging, reducing transport of goods, sourcing products locally and encouraging sustainable behaviour among our guests.

Client application

Manage your property with ease using our app. Track occupancy, view earnings, reserve apartment for yourself, and access invoices and guest contracts — all in one place.

Houses in our portfolio

Our curated portfolio offers prime locations with added facilities and finely tuned amenities for the modern traveller. Start welcoming guests and turn your property into another success story.
CORU House
33 Units
1 – 3 Bedroom
8.82  Review score
Perfectly situated at Peace Square, CORU House offers meticulously designed apartments and superior services for business and leisure guests alike.
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MIZU House
15 Units
1 – 2 Bedroom
9.17 Review score
Located quietly by the Vltava River, MIZU House offers a blend of elegance and comfort, easy transport access, and premium services. Perfect for both leisure and business guests
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Nezapomenutelné zážitky hostů proměňujeme v rostoucí výnosnost vaší nemovitosti.
V čem jsme unikátní?

Plně servisované apartmány
Postaráme se o zařízení a vybavení vaší nemovitosti, aby hostům nic nechybělo. Díky inspekcím během příprav zázemí k pobytům zajistíme, že vaše nemovitost bude dlouhodobě v perfektním stavu.
Vlastní rezervační platforma
Pro kontrolu nad celým zážitkem hosta od rezervace po check-out jsme vyvinuli rezervační portál, který sami propagujeme a zvyšujeme tím obsazenost vašich nemovitostí.
Non-stop podpora
Hostům jsme neustále k dispozici. Naši zkušení operátoři jsou úzce navázáni na technický tým a společně vyřeší každou situaci. Ať jde o uvítání v apartmánu nebo řešení nenadálých situací, o vše se postaráme za vás.
Rostoucí výnos
Hostům jsme neustále k dispozici. Naši zkušení operátoři jsou úzce navázáni na technický tým a společně vyřeší každou situaci. Ať jde o uvítání v apartmánu nebo řešení nenadálých situací, o vše se postaráme za vás.
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We are a premier provider of serviced apartments

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Looking to achieve more from your property?

Leave tenant headaches behind. Let experienced professionals manage your property and start welcoming guests.
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We are pleased with the professional approach and services. I like the comprehensive approach and, as I work in the same field, I know exactly what is involved.
Vladimír H.
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Opening doors to short-term let platforms, corporate accommodation, and direct bookings

We optimize occupancy through our proprietary reservation management system, dynamic pricing, and direct partnerships. Outdo yesterday by catering to companies, business travelers, and get direct bookings from our platform.
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We are officially certified by Booking and Rentals United.

Our streamlined process from property handover to ongoing management

Learn more about the process of entrusting your property to us, as we ensure an exceptional experience for our guests.
Your needs and expectations
Once we've gained an insight into your expectations and needs, we'll walk you through our model and make recommendations that are aligned with your goals, even if they go beyond our services.
Property viewing
We will personally visit your property to ensure it fits our portfolio and gather information to create a complete profile in our system for successful management.
Preparing the right business model
We tailor the right business model for the optimal balance between short, medium and long term leases, matching the unique attributes of your property with the ideal audience.
Preparation of the property
We help you turn your property into a serviced apartment. This includes layout advice, technical infrastructure, furnishing, equipping, photographing and optimising the listing for a successful launch.
Property branding
Your property will receive a complete branding makeover, from the lobby to the apartment accessories. We also create a bespoke website to encourage direct bookings.
Pre-launch management
Before the grand opening, we fine-tune every aspect of the guest experience. We conduct rigorous testing to evaluate and perfect the guest experience and introduce you to your property reporting.
Post-launch management
We continually optimise the letting strategy, carry out regular check-ins to maintain your property and allow you to monitor its performance via our client app.

Looking to achieve more from your property?

Leave tenant headaches behind. Let experienced professionals manage your property and start welcoming guests.
Thank you for your message! We will get back to you within two business days.
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Mám o svém bytě větší přehled než kdyby byl pronajat na klasický dlouhodobý pronájem. Oceňuji flexibilitu, kdy mohu byt využít i pro sebe.
Barbora K.
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We combine different rental types to maximize your returns

Find out more about our management services.  If you prefer the stability of a guaranteed income, we can rent the property directly from you!
Short-term rent management
Let us transform your property into a serviced apartment with superior long-term returns, giving you the space and time to do what you love most.
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Extended stays management
Access lucrative corporate stays for business travelers, foreign crews, and multi-month corporate projects.
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Guaranteed rent
Rent your home to us for a guaranteed monthly income and the security of a reliable long-term partner.
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Ready to unlock the potential of your property? Here's what you need to know.

How can I monitor the performance of my serviced apartment?

Our easy-to-use app makes managing your property effortless. You can track occupancy, view income, reserve the apartment for personal use and access important documents such as invoices and guest contracts, all in one place. This tool puts you in control.

How do you ensure a respectful and responsible environment for both neighbors and guests?

Harmonious relations with neighbours and keeping your property in pristine condition are as important to us as they are to you. By securing longer stays, we naturally reduce the number of disturbances. Our high level of service, coupled with premium pricing, attracts a more respectful and considerate guest demographic. We also use noise monitoring equipment to keep noise levels within acceptable limits. In addition, all our apartments are marked with an emergency number for neighbours to call to ensure prompt resolution of any issues that may arise. 

What is Prague Days?

Prague Days is the sister brand of Blahobyty and caters for guests from all over the world. We operate our own booking engine at, securing direct bookings and creating an additional revenue stream for you. But Prague Days is more than just a booking engine; it is a brand that creates a real connection with its guests. It is a reflection of the unique experiences we create - experiences that are not only remembered but shared, encouraging repeat visits.

Can I use my property for personal stays?

Absolutely. After all, it's your property. Unlike other brands that impose fees for personal use, we offer you the flexibility to enjoy your property whenever you want. You can simply book it for yourself at any time through our free app.

What level of involvement do I have as a property owner?

Initially, we'll work closely with you to understand and align your requirements with our business model. After this stage, your active involvement will be minimal. To keep you informed, we have an app that provides real-time occupancy data and reports.

What can I expect from cooperation with Blahobyty?

Partnering with Blahobyty means prioritising hospitality and using it as an asset for long-term success. Benefit from our advanced revenue strategies, powered by proprietary technology and data. Your property will also gain a competitive edge in the B2B corporate accommodation sector. As a leading name in the industry, we open doors to exclusive deals and partnerships.

How does exceptional hospitality contribute to the success of my property?

Exceptional hospitality translates directly into positive reviews, which in turn attracts more guests and builds guest loyalty. Gain a competitive edge by staying ahead of trends and catering to today's discerning travellers. For example, by promoting the sustainability features of your property, you can attract business travellers looking for longer stays. The post-pandemic recovery period is being driven largely by affluent travellers who seek high levels of comfort and special services, and are willing to pay a premium for these amenities.

Will Blahobyty help me with the furnishing and equipment of the property?

Absolutely! Our service apartment set-up is more than just choosing furniture; it's about transformation. Through our long-standing partnerships with experienced interior designers, we curate designs that precisely match your property's target audience, guided by our in-depth market knowledge. Our partners manage the entire fit-out process, ensuring quality at every stage. Plus, our industry reputation provides you with cost-effective, professional solutions. Let us help you bring out the best in your property.

How do you maximize the revenue potential of my property as a serviced apartment?

We focus on long-term strategies to maximise your property's earning potential. Initially, we may start slow, prioritising building a strong online profile. Through continuous optimisation, we adapt to market demands and trends to ensure your serviced apartment remains competitive. We also diversify to attract a broader guest demographic and implement strategies to mitigate the impact of market fluctuations, aiming for steady growth and sustainable revenue over time.

How do you handle the payment process and when can I expect to receive payments?

At Blahobyty we take a meticulous approach to the payment process. We review all transactions to ensure accuracy in every facet. We base our payments on actual amounts received to maintain transparency. Invoices are issued monthly, accompanied by detailed information covering everything from large expenses to small purchases, down to the last screw. This comprehensive approach means you're always in the know and can expect prompt, regular payments from us.

How do you deal with legal obligations?

From the start of our partnership, we will take care of all your legal obligations. This includes reporting foreigners to the Foreign Police, paying all the necessary fees and maintaining the house register.

To help the authorities set fair and clear rules for private accommodation, we founded and chair the Czech Association of Private Landlords and Accommodation Providers. We actively work with the city and state to set and enforce rules for short-term rentals.