Are you achieving your property's revenue potential? See how our services can elevate your guest experience and boost your profits

(We will manage everything for you; the only thing you have to worry about is paying your taxes, but even for that we will prepare detailed year end reports to make it easy for you)

Professional photography

High-quality photos are one of the most important factors for guests when deciding which listing to book. More importantly, your cover photo determines whether you stand out from the competition and whether guests click through to your profile and book a stay with you. Low-quality photos will cost you a fortune in future bookings. High-quality photos will attract guests' attention and improve engagement with your listing, positively impacting your search rankings. We will completely stage your property, focus on distinctive property characteristics and capture it in the best light so your property shines among the competition. 

Adaptive occupancy optimization

Although we are strongly rooted in short-term rentals, we optimise your occupancy by offering flexible stays from short to medium to long term - always based on what is most profitable for your property. We facilitate longer stays through more than 90+ direct partnerships with accommodation buyers, with an average stay of 47 nights. In addition, with your approval, we will commercially let your property to agencies and film studios, earning you a week's rent in as little as one day. Expand your revenue streams through our direct B2B partnerships that meet the needs of corporations and business travellers.

Listing optimization

Listing creation, pricing, photos, but also quality of service, reviews or interior design all come together to form the guest experience and ultimately determine the success of your property. We continuously analyze your property and use gathered data to refine your property's offering, ensuring long-term competitiveness and continued success. In addition, we advertise your property on multiple platforms to increase exposure and likelihood of bookings, from short-term rent platforms to specialized platforms for businesses and nomads. With over 39,000 bookings across 8 platforms, we have the expertise to make your property stand out.

Compliance with legal requirements

Providing short-term rental accommodation is a business like any other and is regulated by Czech Law. Providers must meet numerous legislative requirements to stay within the law. These requirements, among others, include obtaining a trade license and designation of establishment, keeping a house register, reporting foreigners to the police, paying city tax, and issuing tax and accounting documents.  We don’t just comply with legal requirements on your behalf; we founded and chair the Czech Association of Private Landlords and Accommodation Providers. As advocates for compliance, we actively work with city and state authorities to set and enforce rules for short-term rentals.

Dynamic pricing

Our proprietary pricing algorithm goes beyond commercially available solutions that need to work globally and are used by competitors. Our algorithm is trained on hyper-local data from the Prague market. On a daily basis, we process data on all listings, their prices and transactions on the Airbnb marketplace. This allows us to anticipate market trends well in advance. We then use this data to adjust the prices of all our listings. Every property is unique, and our algorithm works with that in mind. 

Interior design

In today's competitive market, more is needed to run a property as an apartment; you need to be able to compete with 5-star hotels. Our team of experts, together with top-tier furnishing partners, will help you achieve just that. We take care of everything from the initial design concept to full implementation, ensuring that your property is where every guest feels comfortable and has everything they need.

Cleaning and housekeeping

The cleanliness of your apartment is crucial—it can make or break a guest's experience. Our approach includes comprehensive cleaning, sanitization, and thorough ventilation to ensure the space is in pristine condition for every new arrival. Because of its significant impact on guests and property reputation, we rely exclusively on our dedicated in-house teams for cleaning and regular housekeeping during extended stays. We furtherimprove guest satisfaction with high quality, sustainable goods such as hypoallergenic toiletries, fine linen or local specialty coffee. Our housekeepers also take photos of the property every time they clean so that we can monitor wear and tear or any damage caused by guests for quick claims.

Guest care

At the core of our commitment to outstanding hospitality is ensuring every guest feels genuinely cared for, a dedication reflected in our 92% communication rating and 91% overall guest satisfaction rating. We respond swiftly to requests, using advanced models to prioritize guests needing fast attention, ensuring every inquiry is addressed personally with empathy and care. We don't stop there; we guide guests through their stays in Prague and advise them on things to do, much like a hotel concierge. 

Digital guest journey

Our digital guest journey streamlines every aspect of the guest experience. From the moment guests book their stay on, through online check-in via our app, to effortless entry with electronic door locks. Whether you own a single flat or a house with multiple units, we support you in deploying and monitoring the necessary technology infrastructure, including networking and IoT devices. This meets the high expectations of today’s travelers, improves their overall travel experience, and provides you with robust control over your properties.


Understanding the importance of staying informed and in control, we offer a comprehensive client portal that simplifies tracking occupancy, income, invoices, and personal use bookings. Enjoy the benefits of automated monthly statements, detailed year-end reports for tax purposes, and customizable reporting options tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, our account team is always ready to assist with regular inquiries, and a sales manager is available to discuss growth opportunities and optimize your rental strategy.

Property maintenance

Keeping the property in perfect condition and resolving problems quickly is critical to a positive guest experience, positive reviews, and the property's long-term success. We take care of everything from regular maintenance to preparing the property for winter. If the unexpected happens and our handyman can't do it, we have professional partners who can take care of any necessary repairs and insurance to cover you.

Our strategy

Interior design
We collaborate with professional designers to create a tailored interior design that meets the needs of your guests, ensuring your property is meticulously prepared for extended stays.
Maximizing income
We increase your property's income by diversifying rental options and utilising our advanced price management algorithm.
Property profile
We professionally photograph your property and create profiles on 8 platforms for short-term and corporate accommodations, ensuring optimal exposure.
Profile optimization
We use gathered data to refine your property's offering, ensuring long-term competitiveness and continued success.
Building a strong profile
During the initial months, our priority is to establish an appealing property profile for long-term success, prioritizing sustained growth over short-term gains.
Hotel quality services
We are dedicated to delivering an uncompromising guest experience. We meticulously care for your property and offer hotel services to your guests.
Návrh interiéru
Na základě potřeb hostů a s profesionálními designéry zařídíme interiér vaší nemovitosti
a připravíme ji pro prodloužené pobyty.
Profil nemovitosti
Profesionálně nemovitost nafotíme
a vytvoříme profily na 8 platformách pro krátkodobé a korporátní ubytování.
Budování profilu
V prvních měsících se důkladně věnujeme budování atraktivního profilu nemovitosti pro dlouhodobý úspěch, nikoliv krátkodobé zbohatnutí.
Hotelové služby
V prvních měsících se důkladně věnujeme budování atraktivního profilu nemovitosti pro dlouhodobý úspěch, nikoliv krátkodobé zbohatnutí.
Maximalizace výnosů
Naše zaměření na kombinaci krátkodobých, střednědobýc a komečních pronájmů společně
s vlastním algoritmem pro správu cen maximalizují výnosový potenciál vaší nemovitosti.
Optimalizace nabídky
Na základě získaných dat optimalizujeme vaši nabídku a zajišťujeme její dlouhodobou konkurenceschopnost.

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