How can you save time and significantly boost income from your property?

On most days, running short-term rental requires your engagement

The engagement may involve check-ins, communication, claim management, or pricing strategies. It may also involve elevating the standard of your property or meeting the legal requirements.

First, you try to manage everything yourself and browse online for the best strategies. However, the information available is often overwhelming, contradictory, or irrelevant to your specific property and situations.

As management demands intensify, the property is starting to encroach on your personal life, consuming the precious time that is our most valuable commodity. Instead of your property working for you, it feels like you are working for your property, tied to responsibilities that require round-the-clock attention. One slip and you risk damaging your property's reputation with bad reviews.

The natural response to such situations is to look for a property manager. But how can you trust that a third party will manage your assets responsibly, with your interests at heart and uphold your quality standards?

What does Blahobyty do?

Blahobyty goes beyond the typical "Airbnb apartment" model—a term that has become synonymous with our market. We offer an advanced, all-in-one solution for managing short-term rentals, specializing in serviced apartments that cater to the evolving demands of today’s hospitality sector. By focusing on superior guest experiences and meticulous property management, we ensure your investment thrives and your time is your own.

What makes Blahobyty unique?

We use our proprietary solutions to provide world-class hospitality.

At Blahobyty you will find:

Reason 1: Full transparency

No overpromises or unrealistic expectations. We may not be the best solution for your needs, and we will tell you up front what the best solution for you is. We only succeed when you succeed. In today's competitive market, it is not enough to run a property as an apartment; your property has to compete with 5-star hotels. If we are right for each other, only trust built on transparency will take us far—something both parties want and something that will make your property a truly successful investment.

But how do we achieve that?

Based on your property details and our data models, we estimate your future earnings (estimate! There are no guarantees, and if somebody promises them, be careful) and suggest necessary steps to make your property ready for guests. Only you decide whether you want to commit to a partnership. When you commit, you can expect live access to all calendars, no bookings at your property you would not know about, open communication from our account team, access to invoices for every transaction with no surcharges, and absolutely no hidden fees. We know that your trust takes seconds to break and forever to repair.

Reason 2: A team of professionals

We do not outsource our work. We invest in our people, giving them the skills and knowledge they need to deliver exceptional service. By keeping everything in-house, we maintain quality control, consistency and a personal touch that outsourced services cannot match. From cleaning and repairs to guest communication, we have long-term professionals who know their jobs and responsibilities. This ensures your property is kept in excellent condition, your guests are happy and you are kept informed.

So how do we make this specifically apply to you?

You will be assigned a dedicated sales manager who will guide you through the entire onboarding process. Along with our “new apartment launching team,” they will help you prepare the property and set up the right rental strategy. After a successful onboarding, you will be introduced to our dedicated account team, who will always be at hand to oversee your long-term success. Although the sales manager won't be there daily afterward, they will be available for any development and strategy meetings, ensuring continuous support and guidance.

Reason 3: Strict compliance with all legal requirements

Providing short-term rental accommodation is a business like any other and is regulated by Czech Law. There are numerous legislative requirements that providers must meet to stay within the law. These requirements, among others, include obtaining a trade license and designation of establishment, keeping a house register, reporting foreigners to the police, paying city tax, and issuing tax and accounting documents.

But how can I be sure you meet all the requirements?

We pay the fine if we don't meet the legal requirements established in our contract. Furthermore, we don’t just comply with legal requirements; we founded and chair the Czech Association of Private Landlords and Accommodation Providers. As advocates for compliance, we actively work with city and state authorities to set and enforce rules for short-term rentals.

Reason 4: Free access to proprietary solutions

This may sound like no big deal, but it is what makes us the number one provider on the market. Most short-term rental providers rely on third-party solutions and data to run their property management services or pricing strategy. The problem with commercially available solutions is that they have to work worldwide and are thus not focused on micro markets like Prague. Since our foundation in 2016, we have focused on developing our own technological solutions and gathering data that drive decision-making to increase your profits and guest experience.

What solutions do I get that I don’t get from competition?

First is our proprietary pricing algorithm, which is trained on hyperlocal data from the Prague market. On a daily basis, we process data on all listings, their prices, and transactions on the Airbnb marketplace. Additionally, we have data from our own portfolio of 160 properties. This allows us to anticipate market trends well in advance. We analyze the data on apartments, their occupancy, and prices for individual dates in real-time, dynamically adjusting the prices for all our listings based on this data (including prices for the number of guests, cleaning, discounts, etc.). Each property is unique, and our algorithm works with that in mind. Second, your property benefits from the Prague Days brand, being listed on our platform which is actively promoted.

Services you can expect

Proactive property management
Strategic revenue management
Hotel-quality services
Continuous optimization
Total transparency

Ready to maximise the potential of your property?

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Passion for service and a wonderful team of people who are focused on delivering the best of the experiences in Prague. I cannot but highly recommend Prague Days for your next stays in this beautiful city!
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Another Two Reasons Why You Should Contact Us Right Away

1. Although we are strongly rooted in short-term rentals, we optimise your occupancy by offering flexible stays, from short to medium, long and commercial stays - always based on what is more profitable for your property. This is something extra that can, for example, secure you a one-year stay for CZK 1 million. Our dedicated team is looking after 90+ partners to secure corporate accommodation. Expand your revenue streams through our direct B2B partnerships that meet the needs of corporations and business travelers.

2. Getting an apartment fully ready for guests takes time if done thoroughly, and we can onboard only small amount of apartments every week. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can start earning. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximize your property’s potential with Blahobyty.

Important: If you have any unanswered questions, please email us directly at and let us know how we can help.

Not yet ready?

No worries! If you want to make sure you comply with legal requirements for short term rent accommodation, feel free to download our 17 page e-book that explains everything clearly and in detail. Happy responsible hosting! E-book is only in Czech language.

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